Yanny Laurel

Yanny Laurel

1,000+ Singapore: 16/05/2018


Some People Are Hearing the Word 'Yanny' and Others 'Laurel' in This Audio ...

People are torn over an audio clip of a computer-generated voice, with some listeners saying they hear the word 'Laurel' in a deep male voice, and others saying they hear 'Yanny' in a higher-pitch. The recording went viral after it first surfaced on ...


Yanny or Laurel: The ear-splitting debate

It may all be in the ear of the beholder. You hear "Yanny," I hear "Laurel." It's the new blue/black or white/gold dress debate. The audio clip, just four seconds long, was posted on Reddit a few days ago by Roland Camry and it has the Internet picking ...
Source cincinnati.com date 16/05/2018 uploaded 16/05/2018

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Yanni knows the only right answer to the Yanny-Laurel debate

You can stop debating now. The only expert that matters has solved the Yanny-or-Laurel audio challenge that has divided the internet into warring factions. New-age musician Yanni, famed for his outstanding mustache and instrumental hits, tweeted his ...
Source cnet.com date 16/05/2018 uploaded 16/05/2018

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