Yanny Laurel

Yanny Laurel

1,000+ Singapore: 16/05/2018


Some People Are Hearing the Word 'Yanny' and Others 'Laurel' in This Audio ...

People are torn over an audio clip of a computer-generated voice, with some listeners saying they hear the word 'Laurel' in a deep male voice, and others saying they hear 'Yanny' in a higher-pitch. The recording went viral after it first surfaced on ...


Yanny or Laurel: The ear-splitting debate

It may all be in the ear of the beholder. You hear "Yanny," I hear "Laurel." It's the new blue/black or white/gold dress debate. The audio clip, just four seconds long, was posted on Reddit a few days ago by Roland Camry and it has the Internet picking ...
Source cincinnati.com date 16/05/2018 uploaded 16/05/2018

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Yanni knows the only right answer to the Yanny-Laurel debate

You can stop debating now. The only expert that matters has solved the Yanny-or-Laurel audio challenge that has divided the internet into warring factions. New-age musician Yanni, famed for his outstanding mustache and instrumental hits, tweeted his ...
Source cnet.com date 16/05/2018 uploaded 16/05/2018

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Thank Goodness Yanni Is Stepping In on the Raging Viral 'Yanny' Vs. 'Laurel ...

Biased though he is, Greek god of New Age music for moms Yanni has chimed in on the viral Yanny versus Laurel debate, and you can guess which side he's on. Yanni, 63, became unexpectedly relevant again when an audio clip divided the internet into two ...
Source time.com date 16/05/2018 uploaded 17/05/2018

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